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tv   [untitled]    January 6, 2012 10:01pm-10:31pm EST

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famed brothel in nevada are endorsing ron paul we're going to speak that is hot owner of the ranch and one of his girls to find out why it's their liking and spain has adopted its own sopa style law after pressure came from the u.s. so does the entertainment industry have our government so far in its grip that it lets it bully other nations we're not all that and more for you tonight including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look what the mainstream media has decided to miss. all right so jobs numbers have been released by the government for the month of december and by the government's measurements the numbers are finally good unemployment has fallen to its lowest rate in three years and the mainstream media is of course dutifully reporting on these figures and the unemployment rate dropping to its lowest level in nearly three years now at eight point five percent we're starting the new year realizing unemployment rate is down just a little bit more jobs than expected i'm hearing from republicans reacting right
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away about the fact that it's now been thirty five straight months though we're unemployment has been at least eight percent fewer people are working part time when they want more so that indicates that they could be finding more full time work one point nine million jobs in the private sector over the year. swaying from the big negatives that were being posted when the president first took office . art we're going to get into some of the discrepancies with these numbers in our first interview something like the fact that the mainstream media rarely ever bothers to mention the u. six measurement which includes the underemployed that number is currently fifteen point two percent but there's even more of the story if you think of the employment to population ratio that's coming up but first let's take a look back on a sad story the media coverage yesterday before today's numbers came out a boeing factory in wichita kansas opened since one thousand nine hundred twenty nine is going to close. boeing has announced it will shut down its factory in
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wichita kansas beginning later this year the company says the move is forced by the declining defense contract market more than two thousand workers will lose their jobs. now with today's numbers the mainstream media very quickly forgot about the plight of these workers in wichita that just yesterday they were so concerned about but they also don't bother to point out the absurdity of boeing's reasoning for this factory closure being the market shrinking for contractors because of defense cuts now as we pointed out to you yesterday on the show our defense budget isn't really shrinking as the president himself said despite the four hundred fifty billion dollars in cuts that will be applied over the next ten years we will still be spending more on defense than we did at the end of george w. bush's second term and if you think about this new strategy that was unveiled yesterday which includes shrinking down our troop numbers relying more on new technologies and that probably means that the contractor market from security to developing new technologies weapons systems it's only going to grow it's just
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a few projects that are going to be put on the chopping block and they're probably the ones that have gone way over schedule way over price and are really a disgusting example of the money that our government throws at these contractors with little oversight and few requirements so where exactly is all that money going then if boeing can't keep this factory open anymore can't afford to keep their employees. i think i might have an idea just like we've seen happen on wall street just like we've seen happen in hollywood the executives are raking in the big bucks while they cut jobs boeing c.e.o. and chairman jim mcnerney he isn't struggling no in fact his compensation went up one point five percent last year which gave them a nice have the salary of one thousand point seven million dollars now their commercial airplanes chief jim alba compensation jumped sixty six percent last year so here it a cool nine point two nine million and the company as a whole perform forty percent above its target level for two thousand and ten so
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believe me boeing is doing great but these poor executives reportedly they got nothing in one of the components of their compensation package because the company fell short of a minimum threshold and one area that could have triggered a long term incentives in a program now they don't really give any more detail than that but they do blame it partly on the unexpected economic downturn that began in late two thousand and eight and challenges within the current defense contracting environment now this is a bunch of baloney and anybody can see right through it this is why people are fed up with congress a congress that rewards a large corporations with huge tax rates this is why people are protesting on the streets because executives keep paying themselves more while they flash jobs so go ahead celebrate these latest jobs numbers all you want but the bottom line is that until we address the issue of inequality in this country the employment situation is not just going to magically fix itself i have despite reporting on parts of these stories the mainstream media never connected the dots never sees the big picture that's what they choose to miss.
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all right so let's get into a little more details with the jobs numbers that have come out for the month of december because we have said to have added two hundred thousand jobs the unemployment rate has fallen eight point five percent which is its lowest in three years and the you six which includes marginally attached workers fell to fifteen point two percent which is the lowest since february of two thousand and nine now where it could to continue to create two hundred thousand jobs a month the jobs gabs still wouldn't be filled until about twenty twenty four so we're a long way off but we also have to ask if the unemployment rate is even really falling and if we can trust the government's numbers or if we can't trust that how much more drastic are the effects of record corporate profits and the mit's the lower taxes on the rich will create more jobs joining me to discuss as they can our serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist he's also author of the new book the
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gardens of democracy nick thanks for coming back on the show tonight and i want to start off with a point that people out there are making which is that you know despite looking at these figures from the government if you think about it our population continues to grow and more people are dropping and tire lee out of the workforce so you have this entire shadow unemployed group that isn't being counted in any of the figures are you a line of thinking. i agree completely it's certainly the case that the numbers that were reported today are directionally better than they've been and obviously this is ministration is doing better than the per the prior administration. is doing but nothing that that's happening in congress seems to be addressing the foundational problem that i think you correctly identify which is that we have created an economy which basically has structurally decoupled how will businesses do from how well americans do and. and that's created
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a situation in which of course you know large companies can lay off huge numbers of workers and the executives can can earn huge outsized bonuses as a consequence of doing it and you know there in lies the problem and ultimately no matter how high profits go in the near term if we don't have an economy which which provides. wages which allow middle class consumers to thrive ultimately it will be bad for everyone including capitalists like. yes you know that's why i'm so anxious to talk about this stuff is that ultimately no one has a bigger stake in in in decreasing the amount of inequality we have in our society and providing a way for middle class families to thrive again like like capitalists ultimately what do you think of this particular example that i just mentioned boeing closing
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one of its factories in wichita kansas and at the same time we found find out that the boy executives are doing just fine and yet there is always some kind of an excuse right they say that the environment for defense contractors is shrinking because of these drastic defense cuts that really aren't all that drastic you know who buys these excuses anymore yeah i think that. i think you i should say i'm not in the defense industry so i can't speak. it in you know detail about what boeing is doing but but i think the broader point is correct so. what what i think is is super interesting alone is that for thirty years or forty years americans have been told that capitalists people like me people like the guy who runs boeing that we are job creators this is an incredibly important element of our sort of cult of the sort of cultural economic fabric and what super important to
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remember is that when somebody like me a capitalist claims to be a job creator it sounds like we're making a claim about how the economy works but what what's actually happening in addition to that is that we're making the claim about our status and the privileges associated with that status so it's a short jump from the creator to job creator right that language wasn't chosen by accident when you were the creator of jobs you were very much at the center of the economic universe and. you are and you both deserve status and privileges and this is how in a democracy you end up with a system where the where the where the executives of public companies earn a thousand times the median wage this is how in a democracy you end up with a tax system where ordinary working people are taxed at a at a rate two hundred thirty three percent higher than capitalists like me i mean you
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know people like me earn income from capital gains we are an income from dividends we earn income from carried interest all tax of fifteen percent you however are taxed the marginal rate of thirty five percent and the only way you get there the only way people say is well it's the market is actually not the market but it is a culture which which at which embodies the notion that those disparities are justified. onek i'm curious what you think you know a this is still going on this conversation of saying that it's the rates that are the job creators and so therefore the rich should pay lower taxes and we're seeing this not only in congress but also coming from all of the candidates from the g.o.p. side right now that are running to be the president and so do you think that is you know how much power do you think lies in their hands let's say that it's not president obama gets re-elected let's say that it's a mitt romney or rick santorum or a ron paul and do you think that the situation will get worse that taxes will
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continue to perhaps to go down on the ranch and maybe even go up on on those in the lower classes i do i absolutely believe that which is why i think those those guys are so dangerous and i think they're you can either credit them with a miss in understanding about how the economy works or you can believe that they're evil i'm going to give them the credit. and believe that they're just simply confused about how a condom is truly work so for a hundred years people of people of understood economies as as sort of linear closed systems in the metaphor that we have in our heads either consciously or subconsciously are essentially that you know if you pour money into rich people. like in ingredient do you know jobs and prosperity will squirt out the other side like donuts and the problem with that is that we know now with scientific certainty
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that the economy is a form of an ecosystem and therefore it's characterized not in this sort of trickle down way but as if it's characterized by feedback loops and that is why it's simply a law of the business people businesses create jobs it creates jobs is that is the feedback loop between middle class customers and businesses that business is only create jobs when customers force them to by buying more stuff than the businesses can currently make with their current staff. and and what super important a lot of it is that this viewpoint is a relatively new viewpoint the science which undergirds this these observations is only thirty or forty years old and it's super essential to get the word out and for ordinary americans to start to realize that in fact they are the job creators and not and not business people and once again it was i might be let me just interrupt
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because i want to throw one last sadistic here at you know it's kind of hard to get the word out to when congress is acting in a certain interest and often they act in the interests of those who give them a lot of money who might lobby for a particular type of legislation which is why i could say that we don't see a jobs bill and so this is something that i'm covering in my fireside later on in the show but there's a new study that was just done that basically measured one bill in congress and how much multinational corporations lobbied to get that bill done it turns out that the return on lobbying for them was twenty two thousand percent meaning that for every one dollar they put in this was a bill to get their tax rate lowered they had two hundred twenty dollars in savings on their taxes i've ever seen a better example of the systems bot. no absolutely not and there is simply no doubt that that approach to commerce is very very profitable that if you can devote a little bit of money relatively speaking a little a million dollars to lobbying since saves you three hundred billion dollars
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a year in taxes is obviously a very very good a very very good investment but all of this plays back into the you know the insidiousness of inequality right when you have great economic inequality it produces great political inequality because you have a system which you have you have a economic structure which allows some people to buy you know one hugely disproportionate amount of influence over others and there are all sorts of ways to handle that but but you will note that the the amount of political inequality in our system has riven risen exactly as fast as the amount of economic inequality in our system and i think that maybe one of the things that needs to happen to if we want people to wake up to the inequality is that sometimes when the government decides to release its figures once a month on what unemployment what the unemployment rate is what the jobs numbers are is that i feel like they should be a little more honest and out of the way that we started this conversation about an
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entire class of people that never ever even gets included nick i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you for having me on great to see you thanks for. coming out the government is using twitter to get private information on where to make supporters and the support for ron paul is growing i can speak to dennis hof and one of his buddies and i why they think that paul is the best choice for president. into that only you know with the mechanisms to do the work to bring justice for accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. bob. would characterize obama as a terrorist and a version of american exceptionalism.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm taught her welcome to the big picture. mean the. bottom of the capitol in calgary i'm lauren lester.
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her either don't believe the roughing it. one of the contest that nobody seems to know. that never appropriate the face quite hard the argument that they're being overly dramatic. these days law enforcement and the government are increasingly relying on social media to gain access to people's personal information and they're also rely on the courts to back them up just yesterday we told you about boston police trying to get information about two twitter users who they allege shared personal information about police when occupy boston the camp at dewey park was evacuated and not only are they going after two specific accounts but the boston p.d. is the painting the information on anybody who used the occupy boston hash tag in
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their tweets which would include thousands of tweeters and the brazen exam to bowling social media sites and to giving up personal information about people who participate in social movements of the government just doesn't happen to like a case in point also the weekly grand jury case which is currently under way in alexandria virginia the government has been trying to get information on three wiki leaks supporters to john's daughter jacob and now however those three supporters have been fighting a court order that's requesting their information from twitter let me give you a little backstory here the justice department served twitter with a subpoena back in two thousand and ten in december of two thousand and ten and just like we noted yesterday twitter carries its own policy to inform their users of anybody out there seeking information on that but unlike the situation with the boston occupy movement this time the government was using order called an eighteen u.s.c. twenty seven twenty seven zero three d. is a provision of the one thousand nine hundred four store communications act and it's more significant a subpoena but less than
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a search warrant and the order allows police to access non-content internet records and it's only use for prosecutors present specific facts that show the information that they request is relevant and material to a criminal investigation we should also note of this court order can even be made if the person of interest isn't suspected of any criminal wrongdoing so even if the three supporters have not done anything illegal their information can be obtained through the twenty seven zero three d. and this specific request from the government even came with a gag order but they and feel that twitter's request of the government is using this court order in attempts to gather full call. details for three individuals as well as account payment methods ip addresses used to access their accounts and data transfer information which perhaps is the most significant piece linking the supporters to anything leads through the whistle blowing web site johns daughter apple bomb and attempted to fight this request with the help the electronic frontier foundation and the a.c.l.u. but a judge ruled back in march that since the government isn't looking for the content of their tweets this fight is pointless and so when the three people in question
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appealed that decision they lost again this time because another judge ruled that the defendants were not likely to win their appeal and that it was holding up the prosecution's attempt at building their case i'm sorry but that sounds crazy judges ruled against their appeal because it was holding up the prosecution why isn't anybody involved in the grand jury raise the number one question here what about their civil liberties what about these people protections under the first amendment are the worst part of the series of judges are failing to even take into account what's right for those that are currently under the microscope microscope so it just goes to show how incredibly biased this whole wiki leaks grand jury really is violating individual's rights desperately turning to social media and scraping together any information that will help them take down wiki leaks so it's just another step towards the government's destruction of the willing organization and the courts seem to be on their side. or here's a door some of the will get people to pay attention the moonlight bunny ranch nevada's most famous legal brothel has announced its support for ron paul for
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president or as they like to put it there pimpin for paul this includes not only honor dennis hof but also the lovely ladies of the ranch so we couldn't help but help ourselves we just had to hear the reasons for the support for ourselves joining me is owner dennis hof owner of the moonlight bunny ranch and the love ranch and cammy parker center for all thank you so much for joining me guys cammy and dennis i'm going to start with you dennis i guess give me all the reasons why you are in support of ron paul for president. well ron ron paul is for states' rights you know that is the last state the really says to the feds you know what go away we don't want to talk to you in the counties till till the state the same thing we want unity government and that's one of. us the. issue has been. made legal so we like states' rights we like ron paul for that reason we're pippen for if there's
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a guy comes in that what he raised to this day and says i did it for ball he's got a real good. can you elaborate on that when you say he has a real good time is a get some kind of a deal anything for free pretty great free drinks free t. shirts and special treatment to day one of the girls wrote it or girlfriend to save tryst there's no in the guy's a good time because they want them to go out and meet the people for ball i can listen i want to hear from you do you have any other reasons that you are in support of ron paul or are there pimping for paul absolutely i am given for paul as he is very familiar with the insect i'm in so he's got to be intelligent wow he has found women face his fire and his stand that well works in the east and it is you know community in. the ivy and also because he i like all. of the.
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sighing. glad the west is. the budget cuts too right ron paul is a doctor and so he understands women and also the ron paul didn't i don't off on that this terrible new law that they did in thanksgiving. you. consume wild animals the beautiful majestic horses they've been rode there's that come in the bunny ranch every year every day indeed. brick. wall but are there risks now in this are you guys are you guys are breaking up a little bit but i think of you as are making it all out. gynecology and the bill that president obama signed that lifted the ban on wild horse meat i'm curious though you know i was kind of hoping to hear some of the reasons that i like ron paul i'm not endorsing ron paul but i really like his foreign policy i like the fact that he thinks that we don't need to be fighting wars all over the world is
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that of interest to you we absolutely use states' rights is number one before the policy is number two it is correct we can't afford to fight these wars we need to stay hold for fifty years in the chaos of our bills if we're going to say other people's voice they should pass away and. we hear the michele bachmann argument coming out there ok but how about some of the social issues you know ron paul often says that he's for state rights but he can be rather conservative when it comes to gay marriage or you know it when it comes to the economy he thinks that we should tear down a lot of government agencies well you know we can agree. and i have no problem if you go for so i can we can agree on everything but you know what we really do think that newt the cheaters you know but he actually likes cheaters. well i love
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curious do some of the other candidates of rick santorum for example is incredibly socially conservative he's one of those candidates that signed the pledge saying that he wouldn't support pornography out there so if somebody like rick santorum was to become president would that worry you. never never never never will you know i'm not a fool watch or even go run jeremy's well best friend but i don't want to stop you or anybody else to watch it rick santorum has already he's already released from fallbrook single energy a little quirkiness to the campaign all right so that i have to ask you said that your ladies are pimping for paul somebody comes in saying that when they get a good deal do they discriminate if somebody comes in saying that they support barack obama our mitt romney or one of the other candidates. i don't discriminate but i will tell them that. at this town is not made a mistake but of b.s.
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keep me here. we want to go. there. if. you want just to get. our guys i have to wrap it up unfortunately leggo we had a few moments where i was a little to difficult to hear you but thanks so much for sharing your views and you know i want to see if ron paul responds to your endorsement hail thanks so much oh you do well you will because there paul and candy was it fair for you to step in for paul they didn't think. now yet another federal judge has weighed in on the government's right to use g.p.s. for surveillance of a suspect without a warrant to the question here is whether or not violates americans fourth amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure that's one that's been answered differently in courts across the country but the latest decision was handed down by a missouri federal judge who ruled that the f.b.i.
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didn't need a warrant to secretly place a g.p.s. monitoring device on a suspect car and in this case it was a government employee so the ultimate decision on the fourth amendment question is going to come down to the supreme court heard opening arguments in the g.p.s. tracking case united states versus jones in november so they're expected to make their final ruling in the next few months but this latest decision out of missouri is a good one to look at toward good to good is a good one to look towards because the judge made the exact same point in his ruling as the obama justice department did before the supreme court they argued in november that you have no expectation of privacy in a public place and g.p.s. trackers much like beepers attached to cars which a supreme court has already ruled on or police physically tailing a subsect which they say the only monitor your movements and public reasoning and reasoning endorsed by the missouri federal judge but we do have some reason to hope that when it comes to a supreme court ruling because during the opening arguments justices did express their discomfort at the idea of warrantless g.p.s. tracking without a warrant just as briar for example said that the government if they win this case
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that there's nothing to prevent the police or the government from monitoring twenty four hours a day every citizen of the united states he also added that if the government wins it will produce something that sounds like one nine hundred eighty four personally i fear these right so one can only hope that justice briar's views prevail when the filing final ruling does come down. are still to come tonight republicans of new hampshire are proposing an absurd bill for students and their parents any details of night school time and is the u.s. bullying the world after the break we're going to tell you about the threats that america made towards spain when they said no to their own version of so. there's the police corruption. but what a protest that nobody seems to know. that never
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appropriate the face quite hard the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hardy welcome to the big picture. thank you.


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